Hey, I'm David Hillier. Does your business need words?

Then I'm the AI-free, actually quite-nice-human for the job.

I write zingy, SEO'd copy and content for businesses, brands, social media and charities.

My previous clients include: VICE, Virgin, British Airways, Adidas, Lacoste, NOW TV, and many lovely SMEs.

I also provide branding services and am an award-winning journalist specialising in drug culture.

(Yes, I get asked a lot whether firsthand experience is necessary in this field.)

(You can check my archive to find out.)

But I write about other things too! Mental health. Tech. Travel. Trousers. Taking my top off in public.

(The latter was a phase – I don't do that anymore.)

So, are you still reading? Then thank you! I appreciate you considering me over ChatGPT.

You can find my archive, testimonials and contact info on the button at your >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Then please drop me an email and let's talk! I’d love to know what you do :)