Hey. I'm David Hillier. I'm a freelance writer, journalist, and copywriter.

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I'm published in The Guardian, Vice, Playboy, Wonderland, Shortlist, and lots more.

And have written about everything from mental health to the world haggis-throwing championships.

NEWSFLASH. I can't throw a haggis very far.

My specialisms are festivals, music, and drug culture.

And in 2016 I was voted 'festival journalist of the year' by the Association of Independent Festivals.

I also work with brands, writing blogs, copy, or helping with brand strategy and TOV.

People like...Topman, VILLOID, Virgin, Pretty Green, Enterprise, and PLATF9RM.

I've been lucky to work with some very talented people. Here's what a couple have to say about me...

"David has been consistently excellent to work with." Jamie Clifton – Editor, Vice UK.

"Dealing with David is always a total pleasure." Harriet Gibsone – Deputy Editor, The Guardian Guide.

I swear I didn’t bribe either of them. Though I might buy them a pint.

(No. That doesn’t count as bribery.)

If you’ve lasted all this way and still want to work with me – or, like, send me cute dog pictures – please hit the button in the top right.